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FRI officially entered the Myanmar third-party payment industry to fill the online financial blind spot

FRI officially entered the Myanmar third-party payment industry to fill the online financial blind spot

Since the currency appears, the means of payment had just gave birth. It is between the supply and demand of financial transactions, while the economy caused by the transfer of monetary claims, under the conventional payment, including three components, transactions, clearing and settlement, the three are indispensable! In the Internet era, many countries of the traditional financial industry difficult to maintain the situation, because a large wave of high-tech means of payment, in the convenience of the people at the same time, eroded the traditional financial industry camp, this convenient, easy third party payment Is changing our current life.

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No cash, no card to pay a new era
Even you can understand that third-party payments are refreshing our payment concept, from past cash to credit cards, from mobile phone scanning to third-party payment platform transfer, etc., all kinds of financial services more and more convenient, a highly dependent on cash Of the payment era is far away, replaced by no cash, no card to pay a new era.
Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia and one of the member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, has a population coverage of over 60 million and more than 80. In the local, only the bank of this traditional financial services agencies, and no third-party online payment means, the same is the implementation of reform and opening up policy of developing countries, but Myanmar is still a wealth of virgin land, third party payment is this piece of financial One of the blind spots.

FRI into Myanmar third party payment
In early October, Myanmar First Resource Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FRI) announced to the outside world FRI officially entered the Myanmar third-party payment areas. And APP has been tested, not on the APP to market.
Convenient payment solution
This time FRI officially settled in Myanmar third-party payment of professional fields, for the general public in Myanmar, just a more convenient and efficient means of payment applications!
It is reported that, as Myanmar’s first resource-led international institutions, FRI headquarters in the capital of Myanmar is more than responsible for Burma’s political, human, mineral, hydraulic and scarce resources, such as the depth of excavation. According to FRI founder Wu Jiutai, chairman of the board said: “At present, Myanmar is unswervingly implementing the reform and opening up policy, allowing private capital to flourish.When the proportion of private capital more than 50%, means that Myanmar is about to get rid of the shackles of the banking system. And FRI is in advance to complete the layout of the third party payment field, because payment is the future of science and technology portal, FRI is Myanmar is currently the most innovative new areas, new resources and new wealth zone!

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